Ashton Kutcher Believes Computer Coding Is Critical to Core Education System

Ashton Kutcher is primarily known as the former husband of Demi Moore, the star of Two and Half Men and the creator of MTV's Punk'd. What is less known is that Ashton is a savvy business investor in start-up tech companies.  His investments include hot tech startups such as Hipmumk, Flipboard, Airbnb and as well as many others. Ashton even caused a bit of a stir when he did some "free" in-show promotion on Two and a Half Men of his investments by fixing the company logos on a laptop during his show debut. The show Kutcher’s debut episode drew an astounding 28.7 million viewers and his investments got a lot of free advertising.

Recently, Ashton posted a video on his page in which he asserts his opinion on the need for high school students to learn Computer Coding. He feels that Computer Coding is essential for students today. Companies like Facebook, Apple and Google are constantly looking to hire developers and he believes that programming jobs are one of the most important careers going forward. Ashton even makes the point that Comptuer Coding should be a core class in the high school education system.

Given the economic troubles that we are experiencing in the US, schools with limited and reduced budgets are not able to meet this need in which Ashton talks about in the video. Start Code believes in Ashton's vision and we strive to bring Computer Coding skills to the teens and young adults. At Start Code, the next generation will have the chance to learn a skill set that will be the foundation for a succesful future.