Robotics lab sneak peek

The parts are arriving daily for our next Robotics Lab!  We are just so excited that we had to share a few photos and a fun video.

Here is the main board or the "central brain" of the robotics kit.  This is what the kids connect to and program (notice the mini-usb port on the board).  Don't let the size fool you.  This thing is powerful!

Here is the chassis that we use to make it mobile.  The robot drives autonomously based on the programming done by the student.

robotics chassis.jpg

And finally, here is our robotics instructor, Curt Hartung, showing off the OLED board.  This is one of the coolest parts of the kit.  This screen makes the kit unique and customizable for so many different uses.  (Don't let all the wires scare you.  This is a happy mad scientist test lab.)


With these components and others our robotics kit is customizable and can be expanded based on whatever the students might think of.  We can't wait to hear their ideas for Lab 2 when they get their hands on the kits.  With the power of the C programming language and a Python interpreter on the board there is room for a lot of creativity and expansion.

You can see details about the Robotics Lab here.