Game Maker Lab - Grades 6-12


Game Maker Lab - Grades 6-12


Jump in and start making video games with the same tools used by the pros. This six-week lab is for would-be designers who want to bring their game ideas to life or beginning coders seeking a practical application for scripting. Learn a tool designed to enable anyone to create cross-platform games on mobile, PC, or even game consoles. No prior coding experience is required. Popular games like Crashlands, Nidhogg, and Undertale were all made with GameMaker: Studio.

NOTE: The next class is Fall 2017 school year.  See our Game Design Camp for a game making alternative in June and July.

  • Who: Middle / High School Students
  • Decatur / Toco Hills Schedule:
    Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm
  • Next Start Date:  Thursday, August 24th
  • Duration: Six weeks / sessions
  • Tuition: $179

    Note: GameMaker runs on Windows ONLY. Mac laptops can be used if they run Windows via bootcamp or Parallels (installed before the first class). Mac users may also rent a Start Code laptop to use during class.

About the Lab

GameMaker allows anyone from beginner coders to seasoned game development professionals to create cross-platform games. The Game Maker Lab features multiple game projects spanning different genres. The class is taught by an independent developer with experience in the game industry and with summer camp coding instruction. 

Class projects cover the fundamentals of game programming, but will also offer many opportunities for students to expand their games inside and outside the classroom. Students gain real game development experience and the knowledge to keep advancing their skills. The games created in class could be the first steps to getting something published on an online marketplace or even to land a career in the games industry. Start building your portfolio now. Students can repeat this class and do more advanced projects the second time through while adding their own ideas with the instructors coaching.

Important Note: GameMaker only works with Windows at this time.  Students must bring either a Windows laptop or a Mac laptop with Windows installed via bootcamp or virtual machine such as Parallels. Laptops are also available to rent for use in class.

GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2 is software used for professional-level game and app development. It offers a rapid development process perfect for turning out prototypes and workflow--and of course learning to code. From drag-and-drop code actions to an extensible scripting language, GameMaker ensures that students are creating content to their full ability while still being challenged. It includes a graphics editor which allows students to draw their own sprites and game characters, or they can import graphics they find online. Then bring in fonts, sounds, music, and other resources for creating games. Define game entities, known as 'objects', and set their behavior in an intuitive event-driven way. Students only need to create a game once with GameMaker: Studio to export it to multiple platforms. Some professional games made with GameMaker include Crashlands, Spelunky, Downwell, Nidhogg, Undertale, and Risk of Rain.

About the instructor: Jack

Jack is an independent games developer with industry experience. He is a SCAD graduate and has worked in an Atlanta-based game studio helping to design and create Facebook and mobile games. Jack also leads Start Code Game Design summer camps. He likes all types of games: video and board, simple and intricate. There are always new experiences to take away from a new game.