Kids today are carrying around amazing technology.

But do they see it as a tool?

Starting to Code - It all starts by creating a place that students are excited to be a part of because we offer a chance to learn and do things with technology that are fun, current, and relevant. We look at the big picture and mentor each student along his or her own individual path. We team them up with peers so they can help each other and reinforce what they have learned. We know each person learns differently and at his or her own pace.

Start Code was featured by Clark Howard including interviews of our students. See the video.

Keep learning after class or camp

Unlike many summer camps and basic starting programs, programming with Start Code doesn't stop when they go home. We want our students to have access to the tools outside the lab. Learning computer programming is similar to learning a foreign language. To best learn a foreign language, it is usually best to experience total immersion. Having access to the tools at home means they can continue learning and trying new things to take back to the lab.

While we have laptops available for a small fee, we encourage students to bring their own. The hardware requirements are modest and most any Windows or Mac laptop will run the software development tools that we use. Contact us with any questions.


"The job you will find in five years does not exist today. Start Code was created to teach a 21st Century skillset."

-Benn Konsynski

Professor of Information Systems at Emory University
and Start Code Advisor

“Start Code is great! My son learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed it. So nice to see him now creating amazing things on the computer rather than just playing games.”



“We enjoyed it! Scott made sure the kids learned something, while also allowing everyone's creative voice to enter the conversation. My son did two sessions and we are taking classes next year.”



“This is revolutionary in that it lays a solid foundation for a technological education.  I wish I had this opportunity as a child. It's like Space Camp for computer kids!”

-Kim Kirby

Lead Developer & Creative Director, Young Athenians