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Apple Unveils Swift

Apple unveiled a new programming language called Swift this week to make development for their platforms easier and more intuitive. With Swift, Apple gives less experienced developers a tool more beginner friendly than Objective-C by making development faster and easier. This is exciting to see and fits programs like ours well because to date there has been no easy way to get kids coding in Objective-C.

Swift is designed to make coding easier and more interactive and fun.

There was a lot of excitement leading up to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with demonstrations of the new iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. But the surprising news for the software developers in attendance was the new programming language Swift. Swift has been in development for a few years in secret and is designed to be simpler than Objective-C. It gives programmers a live coding environment called a playground to see the code running in real-time instead of having to compile it. The playground will allow developers to see the code running without having to install it on a phone or device, which is a complicated part of iOS development. Instead you can type a line of code and see the results immediately. Again, this is a perfect fit for young coders because it gives immediate feedback and allows them to see the code running.

Swift is more similar to modern programming languages like Python, Ruby, and Javascript and doesn’t have a lot of the overhead of Objective-C. Objective-C can be complicated and intimidating to new programmers. As someone who has done some Objective-C programming, I can attest to the fact that a lot of it simply isn’t very intuitive. It can take a long time to get up to speed with Objective-C and Swift has the potential be a great way for developers who are new to Xcode to get started. Swift also runs alongside Objective-C so teams can use both programming tools for projects where needed.

Developers in attendance are saying that Swift is better suited to making games and 3D graphics. You can bet this will be a hit with the students. We look forward to bringing Swift lessons to the kids in our Atlanta coding classes and summer camps.

More information about Swift is available on the Apple website here.


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