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Instagram Founder Coded in Middle School

This week, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 Billion for a company that had no revenue but had a great product and lots of users. Instagram's founder, Kevin Systrom, 28 years old, turned a love for photography and a knowledge of computer programming into a billion dollar business.

What is overlooked in all the news coverage about Mr. Systrom is his programming background and how he learned it. He only took one programming class in college. What is more important is that he started coding in middle school and continued in high school. He became comfortable with techology at a young age and was fearless about learning new skills and programming languages as he continued on after college.

The other interesting thing is that they use Python at Instagram! Python is popping up in more and more tech companies like Instagram and Dropbox, and we use it as a starter language at Start Code. Students begin learning about Python on day one.

From Business Insider, here is a link to a Q&A with the 28 year old millionaire who is now worth $400 million.

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