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Kids saying no to PCs?

PC sales are down to their lowest levels in 10 years causing many people to question why. The 3rd quarter 'back to school season' usually shows increased sales as kids go back to school and need new computers. But things didn't work out that way this year. Why?

Our theory is that kids are saying yes to technology, just not necessarily to PCs. The historical use of a PC can instead today be done by a PC, tablet, smartphone, iPod touch, or even game console. What used to require a PC or laptop no longer does. It doesn't matter to kids. They will just use what is cool, convenient, and just works. Computer hardware is also lasting longer as the upgrade cycles get longer so people are buying fewer computers in general. You don't really need a new computer just to get online, check Facebook, read email, and maybe play a web-based game. This blog post was written on a four-year-old Macbook Pro that still runs like a champ. No need for new hardware quite yet (but it would be nice!).

The good news is that no matter what form factor the future PC takes, we will still need creators who can use them as tools! Someone has to write the software for all of these devices. Someone has to create all the artwork, sounds, and music. Someone has to code all the new ideas for programs that will spring up as we figure out what all these devices can do, how they all fit together, and what is possible. This is a great opportunity for today's students to take advantage of the trend and learn about technology and computer programming. By developing programming skills now, they will be ahead of the curve and already 'get it' and will be prepared by the time they are entering college and the work force.

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