We had a great turnout for Scratch Day 2012. Thanks, everyone! We ran out of chairs and excited students even took over the instructors table. We celebrated Scratch's 5th birthday with Atlanta-style creativity.

We had visitors to this coding class from all over Atlanta and even from Athens. Several Scratchers showed off their work including projects created the very same day. Two resourceful students made their very first project into a two-player game and presented their result while laughing and playing against each other. It was a really fun can-do afternoon and no visitors left until the event was over and all cupcakes and fruit were finished.

Saturday was a great example of the fun and creation that we strive for every week at Start Code. Come out and see what you can do in our programming labs. You can learn not only Scratch, but Python, Alice, Java, and more. No coding experience necessary!

See our Facebook page for more photos of the day.
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