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Students Visit Game Studio

Our Starter Labs continue through the summer and the students kicked off their summer in style by visiting CCP Games development studio and U.S. headquarters. (One student’s parent works for CCP Games. Thanks, Alison!). Two of our favorite developers who have visited Start Code before, Curt and Joel of CCP, gave a tour of their office and showed the kids a behind the scenes peak at their upcoming MMO or massively multiplayer online game. CCP is known internationally for their massively multiplayer game, EVE Online, and their U.S. headquarters is in Atlanta.

Joel led the students from floor to floor describing the various teams working on the game. He also explained some of process involved in programming as a team versus as an individual. The students saw many roles in the software development cycle including programmers, artists, designers, architects, team leads, and producers. It was exciting to see the teams hard at work.

Curt showed some of the software development tools that were being used to make the game. Some members of the team are creating the tools used to make the game while others use the tools at the same time. The kids thought this was fascinating and had many questions that both Curt and Joel patiently answered. We saw the developer “superman mode” that exists for testing where they could fly around the world but the students were disappointed to discover that this would be compiled out of the final version of the game. No cheating! We also saw Python code used to support the game and Curt made changes to the code while we watched.

Thank you to everyone at CCP for being such gracious hosts! It is our hope that this visit was inspiring to the students and will help them see a future for themselves in technology beyond the classroom. Whether their future lies in programming, design, art, architecture, project management, or any of the roles we saw there are a lot of opportunities for these kids if they work hard and harness their imagination.

Plus we went for frozen yogurt after the tour so what's not to like?

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