Coding First Impressions

Coding First Impressions

CodingScott Blanck
As we strive to continuously improve the experience for new students to Start Code, one question is always important. What do we want the kids to gain from their experience with a first coding language? 
Time to start

Time to start

PythonScott Blanck
As the parent of a child who wants to learn computer programming, figuring out where to even start can be a daunting task.  I know because I went d...

Top Coding Languages

Starter LanguagesScott Blanck
As we approach the back to school season and the end of summer, it’s a good time look out and examine what software development tools we might add ...
Python Passes Java

Python Passes Java

PythonScott Blanck
At Start Code, we have been using both Python and Java programming languages since first opening our doors almost three years ago. Students start w...

Beginning Coders Try Python

PythonScott Blanck
We are big fans of the Python programming language and use it as a starting point for our students. They try Python on their first day! We decided ...

Student Quote of the Week

ScratchScott Blanck
I have been using Scratch more than Google. - Micah, Start Coder

Scratch Day Success

CreativityScott Blanck
We had a great turnout for Scratch Day 2012. Thanks, everyone! We ran out of chairs and excited students even took over the instructors table. We c...

Start Coding: Start Creating

Coding classes in Atlanta for kids and teens. Start:Code brings the creativity and wonder of technology to students by creating a fun atmosphere for innovation while giving them the skills and direction to create tomorrow.

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Coding Labs for Beginners

Coding Class for Elementary Students
Start:Code Intro to Programming

Grades 3rd - 5th

The Elementary lab is for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students who are interested in technology and want to try programming and making games.


Young Starter Lab
Start:Code Young Starter Lab

Grades 6th - 8th

This coding class is for middle-school students who want to start learning popular languages like Python, JavaScript and Java. For both beginners and experienced students, held after-school evenings and Saturdays.


Starter Lab
Start:Code Starter Lab

Grades 9th - 12th

This class is for students who want to start coding or build on existing skills. Learn real languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java. Classes held after-school evenings and Saturdays.