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Technology Shapes Our World

We have a guest writer this month. Nafees is a high-school senior who is doing an internship with Start Code. He is assisting students in our labs for a couple weeks and helping with 2018 planning. Nafees also wrote about his experience with programming and future plans. Take it away, Nafees.

My name is Nafees Hassan. I am 18, I’m from Oakland, California and I attend Academe Of The Oaks High School. I want to become a computer engineer to help my community, to give back and to provide my community with the best technology for reasonable prices. I would also like to show my generation of African American males that it is possible to make a lot of money in careers besides becoming an athlete or a rapper. I would like to show as many young men as possible, who look just like me, that all we have to do is put our minds to a thing and that it can be accomplished. Everything is created by some type of engineer, and I want to be part of that type of creation, to be a contributor to more efficient and better things.

I am interested in becoming a computer engineer, because the world uses computers everyday. Technology is growing by the second, and to have a hand in the creation of new technology would be extraordinary. Technology shapes our world. To have my ideas and contributions be a part of that process, and to see them develop into new technology would be life changing. I have taken coding classes at my school, Academe Of The Oaks, and went to different workshops and programs learning how to code and how to fix bugs.

The reason why I started taking programming classes, because it’s a good skill to have, if I needed to fall back on something then I could. Coding is a well paying job, and to be able to know how to code is extraordinary. What surprised me about coding is that, when your writing code, that you can’t even mess up anywhere. For example if it’s not supposed to be capital, then it’s not supposed to and it will tell you that you have an error, write everything like you see it. Another surprise was that, writing the code for a game and actually playing the game, knowing that I wrote the code, it really excited me.

Some advice that I would give, is never be afraid to do something you want. Don’t let the media stereotype you and put you in a category that doesn’t fit you. Don’t ever second guess your dreams/goals. Don’t be afraid to run into challenges, because that means your getting challenge and your getting closer to accomplishing your dreams.


Photo credit: Matthew Henry

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