Roblox Studio and Lua

Grades 4th - 7th

Do more with Roblox through coding. Build 3D worlds, script games, and even publish your work online to play with friends.

Start Date: Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2:30pm
Location: Decatur - Toco Hills


Roblox is more than an online games platform, it’s also an educational tool. Write code to build game logic in Roblox Studio. This class combines engaging projects and gameplay with the Lua programming language. Lua is an open-source language popular among software developers and is used in numerous applications and games. The class is approachable by both beginning coders and those with some coding experience in other tools like Scratch or Python. Build a game and invite your friends to join and play-test to improve it.

  • Who: Students in Grades 4-7
  • Duration: Six weeks
  • Decatur - Toco Hills Schedule:
    Saturdays 2:30-4:00pm
  • Next Start Date:  
    Sat, February 22nd
  • Tuition: $179

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Build Roblox Worlds

This class gives students an introduction to programming with the wide open creativity of Roblox. Practice coding using variables, strings, boolean logic, if-statements, loops, and functions; all while applying the concepts with class projects you can modify.

Roblox is a user-generated game sharing platform. That sounds complex, but think of Roblox like YouTube for the games world. Just as YouTube allows users to either watch videos made by others or upload videos themselves, Roblox gives players the ability to create their own games or simply play games made by others.

The class is open to students who are brand new to coding and those with coding experience. Students bring their own laptop (Windows or Mac, no Chromebooks), or rent a laptop to use during class for a one time fee. Simply bring your own Roblox login.


Lua is beginner-friendly and easy to read like Python. It's free, open-sourced, and fast making it popular among game developers. Lua is often used as a plugin language for applications and numerous games including Angry Birds, Civilization, and Star Wars Battlefront. A perfect fit for Roblox!

Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio is a free, all-in-one development tool that allows students to build 3D worlds, script games, and publish their work online. With a lot of room for creativity, it is a great starting point for students ages 10 and up who are new to coding or ready for the next challenge. There are no prerequisites other than a desire to learn and have fun. Our curriculum is project-based and flexible to their skill level.

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